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Mixed Amber Leaves Pendant

Mixed Amber Leaves Pendant

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A fresh design for autumn featuring two leaf shaped Baltic amber inlays, the smaller one is cherry red amber the larger one honey amber . The leaves are framed in sterling silver. At the end of the stalk is the integral bail, large enough to take a cord, ribbon, chain or thong. 

This decent-sized pendant will be a real talking point for the wearer.  The amber in this pendant was created millions of years ago and has been carefully cut and polished and then set in sterling silver to form a truly unique piece of jewellery which would make an ideal gift.

This pendant may be purchased with or without a sterling silver chain, and will be presented in an attractive gift box.  


  • Length 44 mm  (including bail):
  • Max width: 15 mm
  • Gemstones:  Honey and cherry Baltic amber
  • Metal: sterling silver
  • Presentation: gift box

Gemstone information:  Amber is a true wonder of nature.   It is prehistoric pine resin which has fossilised over the millennia. Although actually organic, it is sometimes considered and used as a gemstone. Most of the world's amber is between 30 to 90 millions of years. Amber can contain fossilised insects which were trapped in the resin millions of years ago.

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